Which Commissioner represents my neighborhood?
The Casselberry Mayor and City Commission are elected at-large which means they represent the entire City and not districts.


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1. Where is City Hall located?
2. What are the office hours for City Hall?
3. When and where does the City Commission meet?
4. How do I contact the Mayor and/or City Commission Members? Do they have office hours at City Hall?
5. Which Commissioner represents my neighborhood?
6. Are Casselberry City Commission meetings televised?
7. Where is the nearest Social Security Office?
8. Who do I contact for animal control?
9. Do I need a pet license?
10. How can I contact the Health Department?
11. Does Casselberry have a Chamber of Commerce?
12. When does the City Commission meeting agenda get distributed and how can I get a copy of the agenda?
13. How do I contact the local Better Business Bureau?
14. How do I find out whether or not I reside within the City limits of Casselberry?
15. Does Casselberry offer an additional Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption?
16. How can I find out who owns a piece of property?
17. Who do I contact regarding information on my property taxes?
18. Where can we obtain a marriage license?
19. Who do I contact regarding mosquito spraying?
20. What are the school zones for my neighborhood?
21. Where can I register my vehicle or boat?