About Us

Mission Statement: 
The mission of the Casselberry Police Department is to work in partnership with the community to protect life and property, solve neighborhood problems and enhance the quality of life in our City. 

Declaration of Values: 

Dedication- The Police Department is dedicated in providing the most professional police service possible. The self-motivated members of the Police Department endeavor to respond quickly to the needs of the community.

Professionalism- The Police Department is committed to adhering to the highest moral and ethical standards possible. Police Department personnel will be well groomed, highly trained, courteous, and committed to serving the public.

Integrity- Through our actions, the Police Department will reflect honesty, accountability, and sincerity. We will perform our duties without bias or prejudice.

Educated- The Police Department assures that its employees are proactive, innovative, and highly competent. Through education and training, the Police Department will produce employees who are self-motivated and performance driven.

Interactive- An excellent relationship between the Police Department and the community is essential to the achievement of the Police Department's Mission. The Police Department will place an emphasis on community policing and will be attentive to the needs of its citizens.

Respect - The Police Department pledges to treat everyone with compassion and dignity. Through fairness and civility, the Police Department aspires to earn the respect of the citizens we serve.