Green Up Casselberry Program

The Green Up Casselberry Program began in 2010 as part of a large scale effort to plant trees along streets and in neighborhoods throughout the City.  The program has since expanded to encompass a variety of environmentally sustainable activities and operations throughout the City.  Events such as the annual Earth Fest, and City-wide projects such as the installation of stormwater retrofits that filter out pollutants from runoff before entering waterways are ways that the City is constantly striving to protect natural resources and foster a sense of community.

Since the implementation of the Green Up Casselberry Program, the following has occurred:

  • Over 1,000 street trees planted
  • Tree City USA designation obtained
  • Upgraded facilities (LED lighting, automatic shut-off switches, energy efficient buildings, etc.) 
  • Lowered carbon footprint (reduced by 98.6 tons)
  • Implementation of a warm mix requirement for large road rehabilitation projects to improve pavement longevity
  • Removed exotic and nuisance plant species 
  • Improved biodiversity and  recreational/ecological function support of waterways by replanting natives
  • Implementation of the Fats, Oil, and Grease program 
  • Multi-modal focus to transportation projects  (include bicycles, pedestrians, transit, and automobiles when planning transportation projects) 

*The Tree Bank Fund has funded many Green Up Casselberry projects to include street tree plantings.  In order to maintain the urban forest, the City mandates that developers must pay into this fund for any tree removed and not replaced on their development site. Funding from the Tree Fund can only be utilized for the planting of new trees throughout the community.

To participate in the City’s Adopt-a-Tree Program for a chance to obtain a free Florida-Friendly tree, please click here.

Check out this short video from Seminole County for a fun way to learn how to fertilize! Click here.

The City of Casselberry has won numerous awards and designations as part of its sustainability efforts. Click here to find out more.

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