Thin Column

Thin Column StatueFlorida-based artist Chris Scala has worked with art most of his life, exhibiting in his first art show at age twelve, and creating works in built and cast metal, modeled clay, plaster and carved marbles and granite. He graduated from the Hamilton Holt School at Rollins College and later studied with masters in Italy, the UK, and around the US. He was awarded a US Patent for the development of a method in which photovoltaics are used to provoke the deposition of minerals from seawater into a hard shell which resembles coral. These works are then removed from the sea and may be left rough as they are or worked further until polished. His artwork is represented in many public, private and institutional collections around the U.S. and in Europe and in churches, hospitals and municipal venues including a national monument at the Air Force Museum at Wright Patterson. For more info visit: Chris Scala website. This sculpture is sponsored by Friends of the Park.