Engineering Permits

Engineering Permit Application Checklist 

All of the following items must be received in order to process an application. 

Incomplete applications will be returned to the Applicant.
It is the Applicant’s responsibility to be aware of all requirements of the City of Casselberry’s Code of Ordinances, Part II, Chapter 68, from which all of the following requirements are derived. 

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- Two (2) full size (24” x 36” or 30” x 40”) hard copy of each plan and drawing
- One (1) hard copy of applicable stormwater analysis, traffic impact analysis, MOT plan, etc.
- One (1) electronic copy of the above documents in AutoCAD and PDF formats
- Completed Engineering Permit Application form
- Fee payment and Engineer’s Cost Estimate from which the Fee is derived 

  • See City of Casselberry Resolution 05-1621 Permit Fee Schedule for itemized permit fees. 
  • Note: If you believe your agency is Exempt from paying fees, please submit a letter indicating the executed agreement and date which renders this agency Exempt. 

 - Site plan(s) meeting the following criteria: 

□ To scale (scale must be noted on the plan)
□ Dimensions clearly labeled for all improvements
□ Section, Township, and Range
□ North Arrow
□ Right-of-way and/or pavement width
□ Distance of improvement(s) to notable physical features
□ Designed and certified by a state-registered Professional Engineer 

 - Strip drawing(s): 

□ Offset from centerline of the right-of-way or road
□ Right-of-way and/or pavement width
□ Distance from edge of pavement to the proposed improvement
□ Location of other utilities within the area of work
□ Minimum vertical clearance above or below the parkway or pavement
□ One or more typical cross sections to reflect the location of the proposed improvement 

- Copies of all Notification Letters to Agencies and date of mailing 

- Copy of Liability Insurance meeting City requirements 

- Road and/or sidewalk closure and detouring plans 

*The following procedures are required for Wireless Communication Facilities installed and/or maintained in the City ROW.  

  • Registration for placing or maintaining communications facilities in public ROW is required with the Community Development Department; no registration fee shall be imposed. Even if exempt from permit, registration is still needed if the structure will be installed in the ROW. 
  • Pre-submittal meeting is required and needs to be set up with Public Works Department. 
  • Permit application submittal appointments shall be scheduled with the Public Works Department. Submittals shall include: Site Plan, Description of installation or construction, a temporary sidewalk and traffic lane closure plan etc. Please refer to Sec. 68-156 of the Ordinance for the complete list of submittal requirements. 
  • An Engineering Permit fee will be charged unless applicant provides proof that Communication Services Tax has been paid. 
  • Application completeness comments will be given to the applicant within 14 days after the date of receiving the application.