State of Emergency Proclamation





WHEREAS, the National Hurricane Center recognizes the danger to the residents of Florida arising from the potential effects of Hurricane Idalia; and

WHEREAS, the Honorable Ron DeSantis, Governor of the State of Florida, issued, Executive Order 23-171, declaring a state of emergency for several counties in Florida due to the dangers presented by Hurricane Idalia; and

WHEREAS, on August 28, 2023, Governor DeSantis issued attached Executive Order 23-172, amending Executive Order 23-171 to include Seminole County in the State of Emergency Declarations; and

WHEREAS, Seminole County declared a local state of emergency by attached Executive Order No. 2023-030 related to Hurricane Idalia on August 29, 2023; and

WHEREAS, the City of Casselberry desires to adequately protect its citizens from the potential hazards of Hurricane Idalia and potential adverse situations and effects; and

WHEREAS, the current forecast of the National Hurricane Center does not allow for a confident prediction of the track of Hurricane Idalia; and

WHEREAS, Section 252.38(3), Florida Statutes, provides authority for local governments such as the City of Casselberry to take actions in emergency situations and to waive the procedures and formalities otherwise required of political subdivisions by law pertaining to:

  1. Performance of public work and taking whatever action is necessary to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the community;
  2. Entering into contracts;
  3. Incurring obligations;
  4. Employment of permanent and temporary workers;
  5. Utilization of volunteer workers;
  6. Rental of equipment;
  7. Acquisition and distribution, with or without compensation, of supplies, materials and facilities;
  8. Appropriation and expenditure of public funds; and

WHEREAS, Section 30.07 of the City Code of Ordinances authorizes the City Manager to declare a State of Emergency and to issue emergency orders and resolutions.


SECTION 1. The City Manager of the City of Casselberry, Florida, has declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY as of 10:00 P.M. on TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 2023, because of weather conditions imminent with Hurricane Idalia as provided by Section 30-10, Weather Emergencies, of the City Code of Ordinances. This declaration authorizes the issuance of emergency resolutions as provided for in City Code Section 30-7, as may be required.   Emergency resolutions authorized by this Chapter shall include, but are not limited to the following subjects:

  1. Evacuation.
  2. Curfews, and declarations of areas off limits.
  3. Suspension or regulation of sale of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives or combustibles.
  4. Prohibiting the sale of merchandise, goods or services at more than the normal average retail price.
  5. Water use restrictions.
  6. Suspension of local building regulations.
  7. Rationing of fuel, ice and other essentials.
  8. Emergency capacity procurement procedures.

 This State of Emergency will remain in effect within the City of Casselberry for 72 consecutive hours and any extension of the 72-hour time limit must be accomplished by request from the City Manager and the concurrence of the City Commission by duly enacted ordinance or resolution in regular or special session. 

SECTION 2. This Declaration of State of Emergency may be altered or rescinded either by the issuance of a subsequent order of the City Manager, or by an appropriate Resolution of the City Commission of the City of Casselberry.

For more information, visit the City’s website at

                                                                                    CITY OF CASSELBERRY, FLORIDA 

                                                                                    JAMES R. NEWLON, CITY MANAGER 

                                                                                    Date: August 29, 2023

State of Florida Executive Order 23-172

Seminole County Executive Order 2023-030