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Fire Alarm Permit Application


  1. 1. Step One
  2. 2. Fire Alarm Permit Application
  3. 3. Fire Alarm Permit Application
  • Step One

    1. WARNING TO OWNER: Failure to record a Notice of Commencement may result in your paying twice for improvements to your property. A Notice of Commencement must be recorded and posted on the job site before the first inspection. If you intend to obtain financing, consult with your lender or an attorney before recording your Notice of Commencement.
    2. The undersigned hereby applies for a permit to make electrical installations as indicated below.
    3. To obtain this information, please visit
    4. Class of Building
    5. Type of Building
    6. Type of Work
    7. Please check all items included with permit package:
    8. _____ 2 Copies of a floor plan showing placement of all devices
    9. _____ 2 Copies of a schematic riser/wiring diagram showing IDC/SLC Arrangement
    10. _____ 2 Copies of a bill of material, with specification sheets, for all equipment and wire
    11. _____ 2 Copies of the sequence of operations
    12. _____ 2 Copies of the scope of work
    13. _____ 2 Copies of battery and line loss calculations
    14. Fire alarm/detection documents for any new building or addition with a job value over $5,000.00 shall be designed, prepared, signed, and sealed by a Florida Registered Design Professional.