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Tent/Temporary Structure Application

  1. For questions, contact the Building Department at (407) 262-7700 Ext. 1103 or by email at
  2. The permit fee is: $25.00 for the first tent/structure and $10.00 for each additional tent/structure
  3. Site Plan Drawn to Scale
    Provide a site plan that displays the location of all property boundaries, location of the proposed temporary structure(s), connecting streets and driveways, existing structures, parking and traffic control, the proposed layout of the sale or event, including all other temporary structures (tents, canopies, trailers, port-o-lets, etc.).
  4. Flame Retardant Certificate for Tents
    Required if the tent is 900 square feet or greater in size.
  5. Revocation: The Chief of Police, Fire Marshal, Building Official, or City Manager, or their designated representative, shall have the authority to revoke a permit issued hereunder immediately upon violation of any one (1) or more of the regulations, conditions, or standards of issuance as herein set forth.
  6. The applicant's signature acknowledges he/she has read this application, has provided all the information required, and understands that the information provided is the basis of the conditions and standards for the issuance of this permit. The applicant further acknowledges that the City has the authority to revoke this permit upon violation of any of the requirements of Chapter 14, Article II, of the Casselberry City Code.
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